Level 2 user still displayed as level 1 (Basic) in profile

Recently a member was promoted from level 1 basic user to level 2 member. The user received the notification, in the admin page the user is marked as member level 2. however the profile page is still displaying Basic.

Is there some setting I missed that must be changed?

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How recently? It may take some time to update on the profile.

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Since yesterday, the member was upped to level 2. But your answer tells it all, I guess. Thnx.

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ask the user to log out and then log back in, maybe that can help.

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She already did that, I guess her profile will be updated soon.

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it does not take that long to update.

something maybe be stuck somewhere.

maybe you can check discoursedomain//sidekiq/retries

There’s nothing in the retry list, everything looks fine.

so the badge in the user summary profile still shows basic


@ondrejj explained it will take time. The trigger is set on a daily basis, so it updates once a day.

If it takes more than 24 hours, then the trigger failed. and will be displayed in the log file (discousedomain/logs)

I hope this helps.