Likes not being displayed for top topics on user summary

it seems that likes number for the best topics of each users, are not shown in their profile page anymore (though it’d been a good indicator).

meanwhile, in our forum at some profile pages number of likes of best topics, are shown to admin (and I wish others were also visible):

this is the profile page of one of our users:

and here is the profile of another one:

here is a third one which is even stranger:

note: in all of them when I refreshed the profile page, likes are disappeared. and I feel this is a sort of #bug; or maybe I’m missing some points.

anyway my question: it seems that number of likes of a user’s best topic is not accessible in the profile page. isn’t it?

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Can you repro this @jomaxro?

I can’t repro the inconsistency. Here on Meta no likes are showing for top topics. Sure smells like a regression to me. Updated this topic title and recategorized as #bug.

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Maybe you can take a look Monday @neil?

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maybe this help for reproducing it here on meta:

on the topic list, click on the avatar of topic-creator of this post: “help us test a new composer style”

and click on it again to open his profile in the same page (don’t open it in a new tab), I got something like this:

if I open it in a new tab, I won’t see any likes in the right panel. also it only happens to some particular user profiles, not all.

is there any reason these likes are being hidden in profile pages? they could have been a good initial measure for the value of created discussions.


And following those steps I can reproduce the inconsistency.

Yep - there’s a bug/regression :wink:. Likes were not intentionally removed.


Fixed! Another bug bites the dust. :bug: