`showOpLikes` doesn't work right away, but after clicking back and forth

Hello. I’d like to have like counts of original posts on the main page. I followed instuctions from this post: Display Like Counts on Home Page Topic List

I added the following code with showOpLikes, but I have issues with it. Somehow it doesn’t show original post like counts right away. I only does this after click sort by likes and back to latest without sorting.

Interestingly, showLikes doesn’t have this issue.

var TopicListComponent = require('discourse/components/topic-list').default;
    showOpLikes: true

Here is a screenshot before clicking on sort by likes and going to latest:

And this is after:


I believe showOpLikes should only work when sorting by OP likes by visiting a URL like https://meta.discourse.org/latest?order=op_likes, otherwise the op_like_count isn’t included (showLikes, should work… but that’s the total for the entire topic).

You can see this in action by viewing https://meta.discourse.org/latest.json and https://meta.discourse.org/latest.json?order=op_likesop_like_count is only available in that second link.


Yeah, but is there any logic behind this, or is it a bug?

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It’s intentionally built that way, but I’m not sure the exact reason. I suspect it’s data we don’t want to carry around on every page load.

We’ve also generally considered the total likes within a topic to be a better measurement of discussion quality than OP alone.


Well, it depends on the goals of the community I guess. Our posts represent math questions and problems, so we’d like to see the most liked ones, and I’m not sure including likes given to answers should be considered. Hm. I don’t know.


I believe that you need to add some javascript to add OP likes to the serializer. If you search “add to serializer” (perhaps without spaces) you should find some examples.


Well, I’ve changed it back to just showLikes, but thanks for the suggestion, I’ll maybe try this later.


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