Why are "likes received" on user profiles no longer public?

On the meta and the Discourse forum I’m part of, “likes received” no longer show up on other peoples’ profiles. On the old forum software we used and on with the Discourse software after we switched, I would frequently look at which users were getting the most likes and what they were doing good that I could improve on (my likes-received/post ratio used to be around 50% before I started doing that, but now it’s close to 1 like for every post). Ever since it was hidden from other peoples’ profiles, I haven’t really been able to do that easily – I’ve had to start jotting down posts I saw with a lot of likes manually and taking note of them.

We can already see the likes someone gets on their post, so I don’t understand why it’d need to be private on their profile. Was hiding it an intentional design choice or just the result of hiding the notifications tab on profiles?

It is still on the user page, it just moved. Profile - Drew_Warwick - Discourse Meta


Ah, I see – thanks. The Discourse forum I’m using doesn’t have that enabled (staff probably didn’t notice it was updated), so I’ll ask them to switch it on. What’s the name of the setting that toggles the summary?

Edit: Oh, there’s no way to view more than the top six popular posts. Any way for me to see more than that on other peoples’ profiles?

There is nothing needed to do to enable it, simply update to latest.

I plan to add a link so you can see more than 6 top liked posts, have not gotten to it quite yet.


If I go to the Discourse staff profile on the site in question, there’s no summary tab:


Thanks! Looking forward to it.

Ahh I have not deployed the business container in a bit, will deploy soonish.

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