Limit discussion to certain people

Hi, I want to know that can we limit the certain discussion to be limit to certain people.
If something like we can create teams or on individual level only
For example : If team A and team B are having some discussion then Team C should not be able to interfere in that.
So can anyone help me with this , that how I can achieve this.

You may use groups to set permissions on a category level.

For your example:

  • Create three groups: Team A, B, and C.
  • Create forum with permissions only for Team A and B.

How we can create forum, I can see only option to create to topics.

You’ll have to create Categories

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So you guys means that first I have to create groups and then create categories and set permissions for that category and then create topic inside the category , correct right??


That’s correct. Content security is largely Category and Group driven.

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For reference see


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