Limit frequency of replies for specific users?

Would it be possible to limit how frequently a user can reply? This could help reign those who reply too much in one day, or who reply too often, or who reply too quickly. It could help cool heated discussions. It could help prevent any particular user from dominating conversations. Thank you.

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This is a planned feature we want to implement some day. Check Post Rate Limit Trigger for a topic that’s heating up


Thank you, but that appears to be a different request. It’s asking for the possibility to set a limit on specific threads for all users.

I’m asking for a limit on certain users for all threads.

What you can do currently is locking those users to TL0.

When I log in as admin and search Discourse settings for controls like level 0 or reply frequency or post rate, I don’t see anything relevant.

If I google discourse level 0 to learn what it means, I see this official blog post. It doesn’t appear to limit how quickly a user can reply. And it appears to prevent other features that aren’t a problem (that we yet know), such as preventing DMs.

The problem is we have a user who replies to every reply in many threads as soon as she gets a notification email. It might be helpful to prevent her from replying to a single thread more than X times per day. The goal would be to keep her from writing in anger, and to let others get a chance to reply before she replies again.

If the problem is specific to this user, why not intervene with the user? And if they don’t comply with a reasonable request, suspend them?


We admins are discussing how to proceed, and I was looking at what tools Discourse offers to help.

I’m familiar with old Reddit, which had options to limit participation of users, and I was hopeful Discourse would have something similar.

I believe there was prior discussion on adding an “staff must approve all posts by this specific user” feature, but I’m not sure it’s on the development calendar at the moment.

To me, this particular situation seems like a straightforward moderation task of directly contacting the user and asking them nicely to change their behavior, not something that needs a whole feature? And this can be enforced using the suspension tools.

In the meantime, what you can do now is lock the user to trust level 0, which will put some limits on how often they can post.

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In the official blog I linked above, it appears to limit how many total posts and replies they can create, not how often, no?