Limit moderator notifications based on category access

It is currently possible to exclude a moderator from a category by using group access rules. The main problem with using this approach as a way of creating category specific moderators is that moderators will still receive notifications for categories that they don’t have access to. Is this something that we would like to get to work?

Current behaviour

If a moderator is excluded from a category, their flag_count will be incremented for each flag, regardless of its category. If they visit the /admin/flags page, they will only see flagged posts for categories that they do have access to.

The queued post count is incremented for each queued post, regardless of its category. If a moderator visits /queued-posts, they will see all queued posts, and be able to approve posts for categories that they do not have access to.


Excluding moderators from categories will not entirely meet the specifications for category specific moderators:

  • it will only work for protected categories
  • if a moderator is added to group that has access to a category, they will have moderation rights for the category

I am unclear why this is coming up? We don’t support category specific moderators and never have.

Because customers have asked if they can have specific moderators for a category. This seems like a possible work-around that doesn’t require changing much code.

My answer to this is “not really”… it’s a hack, so it will behave like a hack.

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We now have Category Moderators that would be just the ticket for this so I think we can close this one off. :white_check_mark: