Limit one post per person?

Is there any way on the category-level or topic-level of settings to limit each member to not be able to post more than once? I have a topic where people share their social media information and I want to prevent conversations starting beyond the first post with that information shared :+1:


Love this feature request.

I have use-cases for it in my community. For instance, we have a topic where veterinaries can upload their diplomas. It would make sense to limit such topics to a single poster per topic.


No such feature exists yet. The use case makes sense, but I can only see this as a plugin.

Have you tried it in practice? Are users actually so unwieldy that you can’t politely ask them to just post once? Follow that up with some polite-but-consistent deletions of transgressors and I think you’d be fine.


Your use case can be achieved with CSS.

Change .category-NAME to the category you’re targeting.

.category-NAME {
	// hide reply buttons
	.timeline-footer-controls button.create,
	.topic-footer-main-buttons button.create {
		display: none;
	// just in case
	&:not(.staff) & {
		.time-gap {
			display: none;

This will remove any reply button from the posts in the selected category.

The use case in the OP requires something more intensive :sweat_smile: