Tag creation permissions (or: please create an education tag)

I’m especially interested in how Discourse can support learning and schools. I thought that I might start tagging education related posts (like this one with an education tag, but found out that I’m not worthy. Any interest in an education tag?

(In other news, I am pleased to learn that there is a min trust to create tag setting and went and upped it on my site. Now to clean out those bogus tags that shouldn’t have been created.)


@pfaffman, for reference, tag creation TL discussion happened a few months ago in the lounge (note, that link is for TL3 users and up only, all others will fail).

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The basic rule for tagging on Meta is that we’ll only use it if:

  • The tag stands a very good chance of being “promoted” to a category if it sees enough use.
  • The tag is essentially used as a sort of post type, like our “planned” tag to denote features that are on our roadmap.

I had seen some of the tagging discussion, but missed some because I didn’t have access to lounge when it happened (thanks for the link, @jomaxro) . I noticed that tags “went away” at some point, and then “came back” (when I went to TL3). I’m still interested in building a Discourse education community, but agree that it’s too soon for an education tag/category at this point.

Thanks for the explanations.

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