Link custom user field to external website

I currently have a theme component that displays a custom user profile field as a link on the user profile, card, etc.

I did something like this.

That guide is now outdated because of Ember 5.

Does anybody have any guidance on how to update this so it will continue working?

Look at the last post. I installed that and it works like a charm.

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Thanks, but he said it still had deprecation warning. I assumed that was related to Ember 5… Is it not?

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I don’t see any errors from it in my logs.

It’s not an ember 5 depreciation, but it is still a deprecation that I need to fix at some point in time. It’s not a deprecation that breaks the theme component or your site at this time.

I’ll try to remember to get a topic up about it at some point. (The TC, not the deprecation)


Thanks. I tested it, forked it, and made some modifications for my use-case. Very helpful!

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Out of curiosity, what did you change about it?

Well, we have two profile fields. One is an organization name and the other is a URL to that org’s website. We display the org name on the profile and link it to the org website.

I also hide the normal unlinked display of both of those fields using CSS so the data isn’t showing up twice.

So your fields are like this?

Field Name Value
Organization name Example
Organization URL

I could probably build that in as it’s own setting at some point.

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Yes. So after my modification, I just put “2” in the first setting of your component and “1” in the second one.

That tells you the modification I had to make. Now that I think of it, here’s a link to the repo. Very quick and dirty.

Just finished up an “organization” style link setup, could you see how that works for you?

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