Link pop-up box is too big for mobile

In editor when I was trying doing Discobot tutorial then I tried to make a hyperlink. But as I tried to make the link, there came this problem.

As I click on the link icon in editor the pop-up comes up. But then as I pressed the field for putting link, the “Paste” option got hidden on the left and there was literally no way to paste the link.

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What browser/OS are you using?

Actually, I am using Google Chrome on Android 7.0 on Moto G5 Plus. The browser is updated to the latest version available.

Here it is displayed like this.

Seems like it isn’t playing well with Mobile Devices specially with DPi less than 390.

I’m seeing it on my Moto G5 (441 ppi) too. Latest Chrome on Android 7.
Maybe @awesomerobot can have a look.