Photo Editing and Previews on mobile

I’ve been trying to edit some posts on mobile and with pictures and long text it gets pretty cumbersome. The preview is not really visible at all and when I try to scroll up and down on the input box the keyboard appears. Are there plans to upgrade this?

Is this on Android or iOS?

Apple doesn’t change the viewport size, hence the fullscreen editor.

On iOS - iPhone 7

Side note: whatever meta is using is quite a bit better than our setup so will look into that.

Ours auto populates a side by side screen which is useless.

Sounds like it’s possible you’re getting the desktop view on mobile? If you open up the ☰ menu, at the bottom there should be a desktop/mobile view toggle. Or you can append ?mobile_view=1 to the URL.


Nailed it. The menu button at the top of the page doesn’t have a mobile toggle for me.

Appending that to the URL doesn’t work either. I am confused. Any ideas?

Oops I had a typo there, it’s ?mobile_view=1 with an underscore, not a dash — if that doesn’t work it’s possibly a theme or plugin issue? Is everything up to date?


ah yes, in that case our site is reloading the page over and over. Looks like something wrong with our mobile setup.

any ideas? I can’t figure out what is going on

Does the problem persist if you try using safe mode to temporarily disable themes/plugins? http://your-site-name/safe-mode