Linked Watch Words break link preview?

I did a search but I think the terms are too broad and I couldn’t really find anything.

I have a word I’m automatically linking. But that words is also sometimes used in a link being manually posted on the forum. If I post a link that contains this watched word, the resulting link works fine but it doesn’t get a preview on the forum like it did before I enabled the linking.

Another issue with linked words. Shorter words take priority over longer, which seems backwards. For instance, if I am linking the terms “ACME Industrial Company” and “ACME”, I would expect that the longer phrase would be the hypertext if used, not the shorter. But instead, I wind up with only ACME being the link, despite using the full company name.

EDIT: I think it’s actually the order in which the words are added. If I add the long one first, then it takes priority.

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