When a watched-word-link is in a user field, it is changed to the HTML link (and it looks terrible)

When a user puts a watched word into a user field, strange things happen.

This is an example using the User Field Employer(s), and having Te Whatu Ora as a watched word link.



Changed field to Te Whatu Ora:

It also changed the field itself:



That watched-words-links are modified so that they do not apply to user_fields.

Not sure about other watched words (didn’t test them).


Hey @nathankershaw – I really enjoy your posts, you always give a good amount of details for what you find!

I see something similar when I do this as well. I put ‘cow goes boo’ as a watched-word-link and when I add it to a user field it shows the full link. However, mine is also showing the first letter of the watched word too. Are you seeing that also? I changed the link, removed and added it to the link list again and it still shows ‘c’ in front of the link:


@nbianca recently improved the implementation per:

Are you running latest?

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I can replicate this second issue (version: af912b4b0e):

  • Add eg ‘Meta’ to /admin/customize/watched_words/action/link with a link of https://meta.discourse.org/
  • Create Custom User Field (editable)
  • Insert ‘Meta’ into a user’s Custom Field and save
  • Refresh page
  • ‘Meta’ has been replaced with ‘Mhttps://meta.discourse.org/’


Yes, running latest (updated after that merge). Seemed to be a new bug to me - maybe related to that code change?

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@flink91 any chances you can have a look at this one?

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I’ll have a look :+1:

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I can’t reproduce locally. I think this bug has been fixed by this PR which has been merged yesterday: