Linking to a Discobot new tutorial chat

Can someone confirm that the url to the New user tutorual chat with Discobot is discourseurl/t/greetings for any user? I’d like to add a link to it on the Certified badge, so that users can easily complete it.

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The way I’d check is by creating a new user on an instance where discobot is active… but you can do that, too. :slight_smile:

I recall that’s the name of the private topic, but it has a number on it (/t/greetings/1234). Which means the number will change, and also the subject line could be changed and the words part would change as well for future messages.

You might have an easier time linking to /my/messages/.


Yes, I checked on several instances and everywhere it seems to work (no matter the numbers). Wondering if there might be some exceptions.

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This is the answer you seek.