Links containing underscores don't get oneboxed

I noticed that links containing underscores (_) don’t get oneboxed correctly under certain conditions, because the underscores get interpreted as formatting directives.

Consider this link:

Trying to onebox:

This can be worked around using %5F to replace the first underscore:

simply put brackets around it like so


Not a bug, auto linking cannot be expected to work in all scenarios. See for the markdown spec on this


That doesn’t get oneboxed, either (the percent encoding method seems like the right way to work around this).


I agree with @notriddle: adding the brackets (<>) will keep the link intact, but actually prevents oneboxing in my trials.

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I am half open to allowing oneboxing (but not mini oneboxing) it is quite an edge case though. The bug is in linkify: GitHub - markdown-it/linkify-it: Links recognition library with full unicode support so may be worth mentioning in an issue there.