Links containing underscores don't get oneboxed

(Jan Eglinger) #1

I noticed that links containing underscores (_) don’t get oneboxed correctly under certain conditions, because the underscores get interpreted as formatting directives.

Consider this link:

Trying to onebox:

This can be worked around using %5F to replace the first underscore:
(Jeff Atwood) #2

simply put brackets around it like so


Not a bug, auto linking cannot be expected to work in all scenarios. See for the markdown spec on this

(Michael Howell) #3

That doesn’t get oneboxed, either (the percent encoding method seems like the right way to work around this).

(Jan Eglinger) #4

I agree with @notriddle: adding the brackets (<>) will keep the link intact, but actually prevents oneboxing in my trials.

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(Sam Saffron) #5

I am half open to allowing oneboxing (but not mini oneboxing) it is quite an edge case though. The bug is in linkify: GitHub - markdown-it/linkify-it: Links recognition library with full unicode support so may be worth mentioning in an issue there.