Links generated by "link summary" feature count towards link count

One nice feature of discourse is the “link summary”, as described in the welcome message:

To generate a summary for a link, paste it on a line by itself:

The only problem is that the links generated by the “link summary” feature seem to count towards the link count for the post. For new users that can only post up to two links at a time, this makes it impossible to use the “link summary” feature, depending on the link being summarized…

For example, I recently tried to paste a github link on the rust forums, and hit this error message:

Is this intended? It seems like the two-link limit should only apply to links within the post text area, not the generated markup (since that pulls in other links from things like the “link summary”).

Sure, this makes sense, can you provide an exact repro? Just start as a new TL0 user and paste a link to…?

Yes, just make sure the page on the other end of the link actually has more than two links on it. So:

  1. Start as a new user
  2. Make a post and paste the following link on its own line so that it gets “summarized”: FiraSans and FiraMono appear blank · Issue #10 · google/fonts · GitHub
  3. Try to submit (should say: “New users can only post two links at a time”)