Links in Logs have a blank href

For some reason, all links have a blank href in logs.

This screenshot was taken in safe mode.

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Just checking: are you seeing broken functionality, or just curious why they’re there?

I’m browsing on my iPad late at night so I’m not really in a position to do much digging, but my first thought would be that those are there for pop-ups. Could that explain what you’re seeing?

Broken functionality. I was trying to click on a topic, I got redirected to logs again, so when I clicked “info” and it did the same thing I did some digging and I got here.

Seems like this is an issue also in a fresh install.

Can’t upload a video rn but I will when I can


Ha. I was reading this as ‘links in logos’ this whole time. :slightly_smiling_face: Sorry @Pixlz

But there’s a fix in place now:


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