List categories on home page

I’m trying Discourse after working with Seth Godin’s “The Marketing Seminar”.

I’m building a Discourse site for my COMPASS system: a set of tools & processes.

One of the things I want to replicate from TMS is that the home page as a list of categories, rather than as a list of topics.

I can’t quite see how that is done. Can anyone give me a pointer as to where they customised this behaviour? Also, am I missing a manual somewhere?



Have you completed the initial wizard at ? If not re-run the wizard and you will find a specific step where you can choose your homepage layout.


Hi Daniela.

Thank you.

I had done so but had not been thinking about the Home Page when I did so and didn’t appreciate the controls there.

Is there anywhere documentation of what the different home page options do?

Now I have categories on the home page I’d really like to be able to order them differently. Perhaps one of those options allows for that? Or is there some other mechanism?

Again I feel like I am missing documentation for the Discourse product but I can’t see a link for it. Am I missing something?



Okay I found the re-order control for categories in the categories menu.

We suggest using the wizard instead of the settings, because on the wizard it is possible to see a preview of what the homepage with the various settings will look like.