LOG: database system is shut down. How to fix it

Hi everyone, I’m newbie of Discourse and trying to setup Discourse for one of my project. I have setting up my website with Discourse and get this error

[88] LOG: shutting down

[84] LOG: database system is shut down

I have been tried on Lightsail VPS and Vultr VPS with 1Gb RAM and SWAP 2Gb but it happened with the same error.

Please help me.

Thanks in advanced

That database system is shut down is fairly normal log. Ignore it.

Your forum should be live on the domain name you configured.

But the website is not alive and cannot acess.
Here’s my DNS configuration

But I cannot access the website through domain or Public IP
Or I have to wait… :sweat_smile:

appears fine to me!

Your domain name is confusing, a site already exists on unicornnest.com and you’re using unicornest.com


It’s weird!!. I have remove all cookies and clear all data. But it cannot access:

unicornest.com ’s server IP address could not be found.


You should flush your dns cache on your PC


:joy: Thanks you so much!!! Problem Solved.

I have been using Cloudflare DNS ( - I do not know why It prevented me to access the website.

Thank you once more time, you save my day.

When you use cloudflare dns, You can request them to purge dns cache

I too use cloudflare dns and it resolves just fine for me.


Blow my mind. :tada: Thanks

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