Login form looks weird from mobile IE11 and mobile Edge

Here is how the login page on meta.discourse.org looks like on mobile IE11:

The username and password fields are way to narrow … but they work: if you blind-type username and password, you can still log in !

This is not reproducible on desktop …

hmmm where is mobile IE11 and Edge available? Android?

We are usually pretty adamant to support only a subset of browsers and my guess here is that somehow these versions have a dodgy flexbox implementation.

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This screenshot looks like it is on a Windows Phone device; those are no longer supported since they’ve been out of production and discontinued by Microsoft for over a year now.


You got me: I’m too lazy to change my devices :blush:

Anyway I’m not asking you to support obsolete / discontinued stuff, and with the exception of this quirk discourse is mostly OK on Windows Phone 8 and 10.

I am currently experimenting with this dirty fix in custom CSS:

#login-account-name, #forgot-password-link, #login-account-password {
  min-width: 12em;
  float: left;

That works, I hope it does not clash with flexbox on other devices !


I’m running Windows Mobile 10 on a Lumia. I can also say that the experience is 95%+ ok, with only a few minor quirks.

Are we the only two people in the world too lazy to change phones?

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I wonder is there any note out there in the public about when Microsoft are going to be done with the mobile OS and stop patching the web browser? You may be sitting on a time bomb here if security patches are not applied.


I agree with you technically, but on a whole I feel the urge to resist.

First because it’s planned obsolescence 2.0: the producers of any object will simply issue a PR “we won’t provide any more OTA patches for your mobile/fridge/AC/kid’s toy/pacemaker” and our houses will be full of time bombs.

Second because there’s a very low incentive for anyone to invest time and effort for attacks that target just a few thousands (?) windows phone devices worldwide.

Unless such exploit is already available and requires script kiddies one click to execute… It’s all about work/reward.

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