Login Popup doesn't work for private Discourse instance

I have an instance where public registration is not allowed and new members must be invited by other members. When you go to forum.com/login, the login modal window doesn’t open automatically and you have to click on the login button to open it.

However, if I enable signups, but still keep the forum private, then forum.com/signup opens the signup modal window but forum.com/login doesn’t open the login modal window.

If i make it a public forum, allowing public registrations and anonymous access, then both modal windows open, on forum.com/login as well as forum.com/signup

I have tried removing css customizations. Any tips? Is this a bug?

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www.forum.com/login will show login modal only when login required is disabled.

If the forum is not public (i.e. login required is enabled) then www.forum.com/login will always show login page.


@techAPJ Isn’t that strange? If I have a private forum, shouldn’t the homepage be a login page where you can login directly (through a modal) instead of having to click the login button?

If the forum is login required, then why wouldn’t /login bring up the login modal as it does on forums where login isn’t required?

Because in case of login required forums /login page is their homepage which is there to give anonymous users more information about the community they want access to, and how to get access.

In case of public forums since the forum is open, anonymous user directly sees what the community is all about via /latest or /categories page, so /login page doesn’t makes sense and we show login modal instead.

Also, in case of login required forums, some Admins want to further customize their /login page by adding background image, customized text, etc. So it doesn’t make sense to force login modal there. Some examples of such communities:


I hope this makes it clear.


Can we have a setting where the admin can choose whether to display the login modal or not (for private forums)?

I want to send emails to people and have a signin link… can we get /signin so that we can get the modal displayed?