Login required hidden login form visible

Hi all,

For some reason these two input fields are visible (they however do not work)

I already rebuild Discourse multiple times, I’m not sure how to go about removing these.

Thanks in advance!

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Can you replicate it using safe mode?

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I’m not sure whether I’m in safe mode or not whilst logged out since whenever I use myurl.tld/safe-mode/ it automatically redirects me back to myurl.tld/login (since an account is requuired)

But if I am in safe-mode with the steps described above, yes, I’m able to replicate it.

Edit: I haven’t made any customization, this has been here since I installed it. Also, I’m running Discord on an .onion address.

Edit 2: I have completely reinstalled discourse, same issue.

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Second issue I’m having is no category colors / no colors in most places on the website.

Even though they have a color set.

It doesn’t show any colors in the preset color selection either…

In the example of the Loung category the color should be:

Edit: Remember this is all on a clean discourse installation, no changes.

Edit 2: Example of another place where there’s no color.

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How was this instance installed?

This instance was installed in combination with nginx by first installing docker and then git cloning discourse into /var/discourse.

Then using the samples/standalone.yml as containers/app.yml and then boostrapping and launching the app.

Was there some reason you didn’t follow the installation guide? I can see that you plan to publish over Tor, but does that prevent you building on a temporary URL beforehand?

It’s better to follow the standard install first, and make sure everything is working before you make any changes. That way you will have a better idea of which change is responsible for any problems.

AFAIK discourse normal installer doesn’t allow for .onion addresses, that’s why. (Or at least not when I tried it some months ago) / I do not have a temporary url handy.

Sure, but that’s why you would do a normal install, verify everything is up and running, then install the other components and make a name switch.

The added benefit being that discourse-setup will automatically scale unicorn workers and database memory for your server specs.

Lots of simultaneous changes are much harder to troubleshoot.

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Right, that makes sense.

If I install using the discourse-setup It’ll run on its own without nginx right? Then change the app.yml to allow for standalone and change the domain, and rebuild thereafter?

My issues honestly don’t make any sense to me since I can’t find anything in the error logs (both discours logs and nginx logs) and I didn’t have these issues when I did the exact same installation process on a vps a month back (just to test it, this was going to be the production server)

For the correct settings in the app.yml I could just run the discourse-setup and use the values returned and then bootstrap it myself?

Just use discourse.example.com/login?safe_mode=no_custom%2Cno_plugins%2Conly_official

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