Logo disappeared on iOS app today

Today my forum logo disappeared from the iOS app. It’s exactly the same as in Mobile: Site logo disappeared in iOS mobile app and I suspect that the same solution will work - ie removing and adding the forum. But I wonder what caused it. Could it be related to rebuilding the app earlier today (see "Your Droplet is nearing its memory capacity" email - #6 by Jonathan5)? Might it just right itself given time?

Potential solution from the topic you linked:

I’d spotted that :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I’ve just tried it and it didn’t work.

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The logo in the app is pulled from the apple_touch_icon_url entry in your site’s /site/basic-info.json endpoint. Can you check whether that URL is correctly returning a logo? If not, you need to fix that in your instance, and then quit/restart the app.


Yes, it does.

I don’t have an apple touch icon set, but it takes it from one of the other icons that is set.

Do you mind posting the URL to your site here so I can test as well.

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Go into admin > settings > branding and reupload your logos that are greyed out.

Had the same issue with one of my sites.


If your site has working HTTPS, you can also enable “force https” in your site settings. This resolved many issues with my site images/logos, but these were also mixed content warnings in Chrome. Might help.


I set force https, then removed and added the app, but it made no difference to apple_touch_icon_url in /site/basic-info.json and no difference to the iOS app.

Tonight I’ll try rebuilding the app. I wonder what went wrong, as it was all working for nearly a year until today. Today was the first time I rebuilt the app without it being an upgrade. I suspect that with force https it will create all the icon URLs from scratch with https instead of http. It’s a bit odd that force https wasn’t set to begin with (before I uploaded the icons the first time).

If that doesn’t work I’ll just upload the icons again. I guess that will reset the URLs for all the icons including the apple touch one (which is based on the standard one).

Thanks for all the advice.

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I think it turns it on automatically if you have an email set in the LETSENCRYPT_EMAIL field of your app.yml. I did not but I had a wildcard SSL from the domain, so I used that instead.

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On ssllabs.com it shows the certificate as valid from this morning, a couple of hours before the Discourse rebuild. Might that be relevant? I set up the Let’s Encrypt certificate separately for the forum subdomain than for the rest of the site.

Update. My forum has just given me my one-year “Anniversary” badge. Maybe it was all just something to do with the Let’s Encrypt certificate getting renewed today.

I rebuilt the app and, after removing the forum from the app and adding it again, it’s working now!


Who knows whether it was by rebuilding the app again or changing the force https setting…

Maybe that setting will prevent it happening again though.

Thanks again everyone.


When all else fails, ./launcher rebuild app

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