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Hey, is there is a possibility to delete categories from the menu bar as in the picture but still have all categories as a landing page ( and when you click on the logo)

Ps: I know how to delete the category from the bar

inaturalist website is just an example (not my actual website)

Thanks in advance

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go to admin-settings and search for the top_menu setting and you can add and remove those particular links and change their order.

Thanks @Lillinator for the quick reply but I would love to delete categories from the menu but on the initial page I want it to stay showing categories ( also when I click on the logo)

The problem now when I delete the categories ( the landing page only shows the latest topic and not the categories (latest for example)

in common css of a theme or theme component

#navigation-bar {
   li.nav-item_categories {
     display: none;
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Thanks for the support

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any time. sorry i misunderstood your original request :slight_smile: glad i could help!

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Hey @Lilly I would love to ask if it is possible to change the filter tab bar name as the following I have tried but I was not successful:

“all categories” to “by categories”
“all tags” to “by tags”

Also I have seen somewhere that we can put the all categories in the left menu up as well as the all tags but somehow I can not find the topic, would be great if you can guide towards that

Thanks a lot for your help

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hi there, i don’t believe those “all category” and “all tags” links can be moved without some serious coding - they link to the all categories and all tags pages respectively. i have never seen them moved myself. you can rename them if you wish but that would make them misleading IMO. to replace any text in the Discourse interface, you can use the text replacement in admin-customize-text and the text string you are looking for is in js.sidebar.all_categories.

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Hey @Lilly thank you for quick reply!!!

I believe these two

All categories and all tags the name can not be changed from the admin – customize -text

It would be great if you know a way using css to change the name to

by categories and by tags

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you can change this in text replacement. i believe the text strings are in js.categories.all and js.tagging.selector_all_tags respectively. when you use text replacement, it takes a browser refresh or sometimes even a browser cache clearing to make it show up right away.


Thanks, I will apply everything you said

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i notice that i forgot to add that the side bar tag text string is in js.sidebar.all_tags good luck :slight_smile:


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