Looking for a Discourse Warning Plugin with Acknowledgement Button

Does anyone have a Discourse plugin for warnings? I am aware of the existing feature, but I want it so they go to the site and they see a warning and can’t browse until they click a button.


There are a few things that could be used depends ng on application of use. Some might need to be retooled to accomplish your desired use case.

In theme-component some samples include:

  1. Cookie Consent Banner
  2. Admin Warnings
  3. Warning Desktop mode

In plugin there are a variety of options as well Like

  1. Policy
  2. Custom Wizard
  3. Automation (maybe)

To have a better idea can you give your use case example?


By this do you mean a warning to everyone that would display, or just to specific accounts?


specific accounts that I send a warning to

A users swears. I delete the message and send a warning out. They cannot browse the site until they acknowledge it


There isn’t anything I know of for that, but that could possibly be developed as a new feature.

Other option would be to silence/suspend account temporarily until they acknowledge e-mail with reply to agree to terms or not.

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You can add swear words to Watched Words\blocked or censored as a preventative

A couple of interesting options. replace I believe you could have it replace swears with humourous alternatives.

But the first 2 options work well as a preventative.


It was just an example… just wondering if such a technology existed

That would only be possible for a closed site not public.

I don’t think there’s an existing feature that provides this @tpglitch.

Though in the scheme of things, I think having provided the warning would normally be enough. If you had a ‘click to dismiss’ acknowledgement popup they could still click and continue in the behaviour you’ve asked them not to engage in so you’d be in a similar situation as without it.

If you’re looking for a ‘read receipt’ type of thing then you can include an appropriate group in the PM recipients and set the ‘On group messages publish group read state’ in the group settings. This would give an indicator of who has read the PM and each reply, if that’s any help?