Looking for a fantasy sports board with Discourse

The message board that I’ve been a member of for a long time just migrated their services over to Discourse. I love the functionality of it, and looking into more of the features, thought it would be a fantastic way to centralize fantasy football/baseball leagues. However, the board I’m on has disabled a lot of those features (the wiki options, in particular). I don’t have any interest in reinventing the wheel, and even less interest in learning how to install and mount that wheel on an axle.

Is there a way to search for such a thing? Are there google terms I could use, or is there a centralized list I could look at?


You could try the Discourse section at 1500+ Examples of Online Brand Communities | FeverBee


I’m not sure what you are exactly looking for, but we’ve been running fantasy league forum game using some Discourse features for a couple of years now. The subject is the Finnish hockey league. In our game, there are six draft rounds. You must select a goalie, two defencemen and three forwards in an order you like. Picking turns are drawn and the user who gets the first pick picks first on rounds 1, 3 and 5 and has the last pick on rounds 2, 4 and 6 (so called snake draft). Players score points throughout the season from various stats like goals, assists, shutouts and much more.

To achieve all this:

  • We draw the picking order. On some years, we’ve used @discobot’s random number generator for that purpose which was a bit laborous but fun and exciting.

  • We compile a list of all eligible players and make that post a wiki. When you pick player, you edit the wiki post so that others can see that the player is already taken.

  • We manually enter picked teams in a spreadsheet.

  • The speadsheet pulls points from API of a commercial game whose scoring formula we’ve adopted. (That commercial game is quite different from our forum game from other aspects.)

I ran the thing for two or three first editions. It’s quite a lot of work. Especially was so on the first time. No matter how thoroughly you explain how it’s going to work, many people are going to be totally confused since they won’t read anything anyway! I pulled myself out of it a year ago and somebody in the community took over which was good.


Sounds like furtile ground for an enthusiast to build a generic ‘fantasy sports’ plugin. Goal for a hackathon?

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Thank you for the link - I’ll take a look.

I’m not sure I’d be looking for something as complicated as that - I’d look at it as a place for record keeping, discussion, and organization of a league. The nuts and bolts of the actual league itself is most certainly still using one of the big hosting sites (Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, etc.).

Like I said - I definitely lack the coding ability or technical know-how. But I’ve been involved in fantasy sports for 20 years, so I’d be happy to offer some suggestions/vision for anyone.