Looking for a way to shift everything below the header to the right

only on pages that include posts

this CSS does what I want it to do, in case there is confusion about what I mean

margin-left: 15%;

but it shifts everything right for all pages, instead of just pages with posts
been tryna figure out the CSS for a while, any thoughts?

It’s not immediately clear to me why you’d want to do that, but the <body> tag in topic pages has a unique class that’s added to it. That class is archetype-regular

You can use that to scope your style changes with something like this

.archetype-regular {
  #main-outlet {
    // styles go here

Personal message pages also have something similar and the class in that case is


If you want the changes to apply to PM pages, you can include them by adding the selector the the CSS above like so

.archetype-private_message {
  #main-outlet {
    // styles go here

Fair warning though, changes to the #main-outlet margins can have unintended consequences. More on that here.


incredibly helpful, thank you!

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