Looking for "Dev Tracker" Mod/Plugin

Forgive me if this isn’t the right place, this is new software for me, spending some time playing with it, and ran into the first thing I can’t seem to find on my own. It’s something called the “dev tracker”. I’ve spotted it in use on a couple of installations of Discourse. Linkage (straight to the feature):

If this IS inside the software, could someone direct me to where it is (as I didn’t find it). If this is a plugin available somewhere, can someone point me to it?

I’ve spent a lifetime (like 15 years or so) working with vBulletin, so this has required a bit of a rethink in terms of organization and how I set things up. :slight_smile:

Anyways, if anyone can pass on info about Dev Tracker, I’d appreciate it.

Hi Joe_Dopefish_Siegler, welcome to the forum

I saw no mention of “Dev Tracker” at either of the pages you linked to.

I suspect it is something I call by a different name

Are you a dev at those forums, Do you mean this?

@Mittineague… I linked straight to the Dev Tracker on those forums, that’s what my links were.

If you go to a different place in those forums you can see it.

https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/ (to the right of the Categories link)

http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/ (to the right of the “All Categories” link).

Anyways, it’s basically a way to see all the updates from a defined group of users (developers, hence the name of the thing).


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Yup, that’s me, @codinghorror :slight_smile: Looking to move to something more modern. :slightly_smiling:

Ah OK, thanks. Now I see what you mean.

I don’t think it’s a plugin, looks to be a CSS styled link to a group page eg. this could be named “Team Tracker”

Group pages are more of a “discoverable” thing. AFAIK the paths are not all that obvious ATM

OK, I found how to get the group. I’ve done that part. It’s not an actual “mod” as such. I blame my “greenness” for thinking it was.

Just need to figure out how to manipulate the menu there to add “Dev Tracker”.

Probably super basic for y’all, but this is Day 1 in jacking with Discourse for me, so it’s been a crash course for me. :slight_smile:

This topic might help some



lol, Found it, and it is a plugin !

This is kind of incorrect, that should not be a plugin, it is regular group behavior.

To add it to the menu? I didn’t think group pages could be added there via the Admin > Site Setting. I think that is where the plugin comes in, to add that link.

I got it working with the Javascript suggestion linked to above. Thanks for that!

The plugin idea seems simpler. At the moment, I don’t have server access, so I can’t use that method anyway (didn’t realize that when I asked), so I’ll stick with the Javascript one for now.


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I have successfully used the plug in and JS to add a sort button to the top nav. For both options though, I could not figure out how to highlight / un-highlight the button like the standard topnav buttons do.

Does anyone know how to do this?