How to add a new tab with content from a group?

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Hi, @ampburner, your forum looks fantastic :smile:

I haven’t found any how-to post that explains how to add a tab like the one you have added, called IOI Tracker and showing the content from a specific group.

Can someone explain how to do that?

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Thanks :smile:

Disclaimer - I’m sure my solution is kinda hacky. There might be better solutions.

Basically, what I did was add some javascript to the page HEAD by adding a script under Admin > Customize > CSS, HTML > Header.

The script hooks into some of Discourse’s javascript events to manipulate the DOM and insert some html.
The advantage of this approach is that it can all be done through the admin panel so you don’t need to install plugins or fork the Discourse source code.

that said, here’s the source code:

        activate: function() {

function insertIOITrackerConditionally()
    if(jQuery("#ioi-tracker-li").length <= 0){
        jQuery('ul.nav :last').after('<li id="ioi-tracker-li" class="ember-view" title="track the activity of IOI employees on Hitmanforum"><a href="/groups/iointeractive">IOI Tracker</a></li>'); 
//some other stuff here to format the page (if you're on the actual group page)    

the hack was inspired by

Just insert it in the admin panel and you’re good to go.

Could you recategorize this thread under how-to? I’m sure others might have the same question.


Re-categorized. One down side to your approach is it requires JavaScript to be enabled (which isn’t a big deal) and search-engines won’t be able to find that additional tab for crawling (I’m not sure how well groups are handled by search-engines to begin with).


My forum is a video game related fan-forum which is also frequented by the developers of the videogame.

The function of the tab is to allow the fans to keep track of the activity of the developers.

I’m not that worried about SEO of those particular pages (the important content is in the topics), but I would imagine that Discourse has built-in ways to make sure that the group pages are also crawled and indexed.

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Thank you very much for share your code!

I think we will use to add a tab with an specific category :smile:

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The topnav dev group link on is a tiny plugin @eviltrout wrote, did we open source that Robin?

Sure did!