Looking forward to create a fees calculator

i have installed my discourse & i am looking forward to find a developer who can create for me a fees calculator to run it on my website

To get a good response, I strongly suggest also including at least:

  • a budget
  • a mockup (a “fees calculator” could be ANYTHING)
  • completion timeline

i don’t really know how much it costs, but i am open to discussion about the price

a fees calculator that customer can use on site to calculate fees they have to pay when purchasing a some services from a Seller** onsite.

What is a seller? Do you have some system set up already where someone is a seller? Is there already something in place that someone can become a seller? Are there services? How are they managed? Is any of that in place, or do you need some way to do all of that in Discourse?


i have a discourse forum where i sell social media related properties

anyone from the members can be a seller or a buyer.

the fees calculator will help the seller know how much fees he should be paying for us when selling a property for the buyer

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Are these properties managed by discourse? How are the fees calculated? Is the information needed to calculate the fees existing in discourse? If so, how?

I might be able to help, but I can’t tell if this is a $200 job or a $2000 job.


the properties are owned by people (domain names , rare accounts, gaming accounts…) fees are calculated based on the members , VIP have lets say 5% fees
premium 7%
basic 10%

based on the total price of the property

if you share with me your wht’s app i would be able to share with u a sample of a website that is running already
i dont want to be sharing here for privacy reasons

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You always have the option to PM on here which avoids you having to share even your telephone number :slight_smile:

Pavilion might be interested in this work if that discussion doesn’t work out.


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