Love Discourse after 2 weeks (Self-hosting on DO)

Hi all, just saying hi.

Our board has been online for two weeks now, almost getting my first TL2 users.

I’m still figuring out how to make it clear what is important to read for our customers, going pretty good. Tips are welcome - for example, no one has done the Discobot tutorial by himself, maybe my customer base doesn’t care.

Hosting: 4GB DigitalOcean droplet, for those of interest, I’ll share my monitoring for the past 7 days. The showed datapoint had 30 users online at the same time.


Well just going to comment on your title: Love Discourse don’t we all? :joy: It’s amazing! Thanks team


I guess it’s always nice for the team to read such messages. I can relate as a business owner.


Hi Marc, Our forum has been up since the end of June. All of the members are from a now “retired” forum - which also used Discourse. So everyone felt they didn’t need to go through the tutorial… until I mentioned that there are two badges to gain by taking both the beginner’s and advanced tutorials with Discobot. (A few of them love earning badges. :slightly_smiling_face:). It wasn’t until after I suggested that running through the tutorials sometimes helps to remind them of how to do things on the forum that they may have forgotten… especially features they seldom use or have completely forgotten about. Had several of them do the tutorials, earned their badges, and then announced to everyone what they earned. A few more then took the tutorial. :wink:

As for the Discourse platform, all of our users love Discourse, I especially. After having been a member of two other forums - each on two different platform - I like Discourse the best. Okay team… you can pat yourselves on the back. :rofl: Great work!