Mail precedence header set to list

I am hand sending inbound emails from Gmail. But Discourse rejects with complaints that Precedence is set to list, and that the mail is auto-generated - but it is not: I typed it.

From the headers:

Auto-Submitted: auto-generated
Precedence: list
List-ID: The Jackrail | Test <>

What is going on?

Since the current release, mail replies always require a reply to “Reply to list”. A simple reply by clicking on “Reply” in the mail programme no longer works.

New in Mailheader is this line:
List-Post: <>

Since this is added in Code (changed if clause) our discourse works as a mailinglist server but we didn’t choose this option.

Do you mean you have to “Reply to All”? I am not sure what you mean by “Reply to list”. What code in that PR would have changed this behaviour? The only if clause I can see that changed is this:

But I cannot see how that would have changed the behaviour just by adding to_s?

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I think, the changed if-clause condition now leads to new message header ‘list-post’.

Example new mail from our discourse shown in thunderbird:

and mailheader has line:
List-Post: mailto:replies+6e23071765f50da1c819aba7f2ffb386@forum.sol....

Before new release (no Reply List is shown):

and mailheader has no line with “List-Post”.