Reply-key variable doesn't get expanded in email custom headers

Hi there,

while trying to fix the problem that Thunderbird users cannot reply to Discourse notification emails I discovered this matter. Details at Confusion between Reply To and Reply List in email responses - #40 by Flominator

Can we fix this? Is there maybe a patch or something?

Thanks in advance

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@zogstrip any ideas about:

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@nbianca can you add to your list to look into whether we still need the List-Post header?

It seems like it’s no longer required and, even worse, is causing issues :expressionless:


We removed the List-Post email header and will replace %{replace_key} in custom headers too. Can you please update and check if it solves your problems?


This one I managed to test last evening and it looks good. The other one I will hopefully be able to test this evening or during the weekend. Thank you!

Update: Also works without the custom headers!

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