Mailbox view for notifications?

One of the convenient, quick features about Jive-x is (was?) the mailbox view for notifications:

As you click on each notification, it displays the content of the message, then at the bottom is the option to reply. This makes going through and replying to messages quite convenient.


Could you please be a bit more specific about how this would be applied to Discourse? Even just a Discourse screenshot with some doodles drawn to point out change requests is very helpful.


Hi, great question. That’s hard for me to do. There’s probably many more elegant ways to do it than I would propose.

Perhaps this work flow is helpful?

  1. Click on profile picture. Under the light solid line, a text link: ‚Äúrespond to notifications‚ÄĚ
  2. Upon hitting that link, go to a mailbox view like the Jive-x example above. Three components:
    a. Notification list (top third)
    b. Content from notification (middle)
    c. Reply box (the beautiful Discourse one, not the single line that Jive-x offers). Also, it looks like Jive places the reply box at the very bottom. If the reply area could be immediately underneath the content from the notification, that might be faster. Also, Jive is lacking the like button as an option for replying.
  3. Upon typing in a reply and hitting ‚Äėreply‚Äô, your contribution gets entered into the flow of the topic.

Basically, Discourse would be surfacing/presenting the elements of the conversation in the notifications window. Instead of clicking through to 10 different conversations, a member can look at one window and add their thoughts to each of those 10 conversations in one place. That’s much faster and more convenient.

Analogies: an email inbox, Facebook’s activity stream, LinkedIn’s activity stream.