Understanding the notifications menu in Discourse

:bookmark: This guide explains how the notifications menu works in Discourse, including the different types of notifications and where they appear in the interface.

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Notifications are an essential part of the Discourse experience, keeping you informed about activity relevant to you. This guide will walk you through the different types of notifications and how to interact with them.

Types of notifications

Discourse uses various icons and colors to indicate different types of notifications:

  1. Personal messages: A green envelope icon on your avatar indicates new personal messages.
  2. Other notifications: A blue counter on your avatar shows other types of notifications (e.g., replies, mentions, likes).
  3. Chat notifications:
    • A green counter on the chat icon indicates personal chat messages.
    • A blue counter on the chat icon shows unread messages in chat channels.
  4. Moderator notifications: For moderators, red flag icons appear on the avatar, indicating items to review (e.g., user registrations, posts to approve, flagged posts).

Accessing notifications

Chat notifications

Click the chat icon to open the chat window, where you can see which users and channels the notifications are linked to.

Chat notifications window

Other notifications

Click your avatar to remove the notification icon and display all unseen notifications in a menu with several tabs.

In this menu:

  • Unread notifications appear with a highlighted background at the top of the list.
  • Click the icons on the right to filter notifications by type.
  • Use the โ€œ:heavy_check_mark: Dismissโ€ button to mark all notifications in the current tab as read.

Filtered notifications

Notification types

Hereโ€™s a breakdown of the notification types youโ€™ll find in the menu:

  • All notifications All notifications
  • Replies Replies and mentions
  • Likes Liked posts
  • Private messages Private messages
  • Bookmarks Bookmark reminders
  • Chat Chat notifications
  • Flags Reviewable items (Moderators only)
  • Other Other notifications

Additional resources

For developers interested in the technical details, you can find all the notification types defined here in the Discourse codebase.

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