My Mailgun account disabled


Your account is on probation and domains are limited to 100 messages / hour. To maintain the rate the account has been temporarily disabled.

The account will be enabled in 2608 seconds.

Thank you,
Mailgun Team

I checked the logs. Most of the mails sent are digest mails. I do not want to be completely disabled. How can I reduce the sending frequency for limit to per hour.

You can stop sending digest emails or upgrade your mailgun account to a paid subscription.


You should open a ticket with them and convince them that you should not be on probation.

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I already open a ticket. But this has happened before. I use Mailgun only for Discourse and my mailgun account was disabled 3 times and re-opened. Maybe disable digest mails is the only solution for me.

That seems strange. Is this a new community or did you import it or add users from somewhere else?


I imported from Mybb. There were too many members with not-valid email addresses. ending mail to fake e-mail addresses increasing the bounce rate value. I detect and deactivated all fake users. S

Nevertheless, I am still on the daily message limit. :frowning:

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My Mailgun account activated again. It sounds like I’m going to have the same problem again.


Thank you for answering our verification questions. Your account is now verified. I have move your account to a higher reputation IP. This should solve your deliverability issues to hotmail. Your sending volume is just fine and we have no issues handling your sending.

Please let us know if you have any further questions :).

Happy Sending!!,

You should NOT be validating old accounts until they have verified their emails on the new Discourse platform. That’s a bad migration, if you did that. No wonder Mailgun is pissed at you!


I am not and don’t want to verified that accounts. I deactivated that account because system sending digest mails to that account and it is problem because mails are fake and not going.