Mailing list mode sends mail to not approved users

We are running v1.9.0.beta16 and have the following settings enabled:

  • login required
  • must approve users
  • default email mailing list mode

When a new users registers, (s)he receives a validation mail. After successful validation the user is in the approval queue. As the user is not yet approved, I’d expect the user not to get knowledge of any of the forum’s contents.

While the user cannot login via the web interface, (s)he does receives email notifications for new posts.

At least this does not match my expectations.

I’d expect that new posts are only sent out to approved users having “mailing list mode” on if “must approve users” is enabled.

Thanks for looking into that,


Thanks for the report, fixed per:


I can confirm that unapproved users do not receive e-mails anymore with the fix applied.
Thanks for the prompt fix.


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