Creating Users in Mailing List Mode

We have started to create users in our (closed) Forum instead of inviting them. This way they get the same User Name and Password as on our website (our programmer couldn’t get SSO to work unfortunately :frowning: )
We are using this string:

u = User.create!(username: "Neuer.test", name: "Test UserNullZwo", email: "[](", password: "12345password") ; u.activate ; u.approved=true

The users are successfully created and I can see that Mailing List modus is active for them, but no emails get send to them for some reason.

Do I need to add anything?



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Mailing lists are mailed once a week. Email notifications are mailed 10 minutes after a post is made, depending upon the alternate email setting per user.
You can send a test email to these users from the Dashboard to see if they are being sent. But the email addresses have to be valid.
If the test email doesn’t work, check the email reports for skipped, bounced, and rejected.
Two questions: Did you have other users who created accounts before you started to create users yourself? If so, have they been receiving emails - either immediate (10-min delay) or weekly summaries?

You may want to move this to support instead of this Uncategorized category. :wink:

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Moved to support. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mailing Lists are mailed as per the Mailing List section in the User prefs, I think you might be confusing it with the summary Emails.
I have switched my SMTP over to Amazon SES as I think that was causing some of the irregular mailing behaviour we have experienced.


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