Mails not sending to users

Hi all,

I have a community powered by Discourse, and it’s been working fine since it was created. However, I noticed that people who register on the same community don’t receive activation emails and if I do activate them manually from my end, they still don’t have receive mails about the community’s activities while they are away. And I don’t think this is an issue of wrong mail server as I receive mails from the same community very well myself. I used the same email for my mail server provider (Mail gun) activation as my community. So anyone want to help with any to-do or anything? I’d be glad.

Only you recieve emails? Can you clarify which users are affected, do they share an email provider?

When was this community created?

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One potential culprit can be a setting in admin panel called disable_email !

Check if someone has restricted emails to staff only or if emails have been disabled somehow.

Second step is to check the logs at mailgun to verify if mailgun is having trouble delivering messages (sometimes bad IP reputation or otherwise mail service rejecting mails from your sending domain etc.)



In sharing which users are affected, I mean ALL users are, except me. I receive emails quite fine. Their email providers are majorly Yahoo and Gmail.

And the community was created about a month ago, although I keep word about its existence to only people who will help bootstrap it before eventually making it ‘run’ later this month, precisely on the 15th. For your convenience, you can see it here

Did you do the things suggested by @itsbhanusharma?

Just checked through both instances now and couldn’t see any fault there. But I’ll keep checking, and still open to further suggestions.
cc @pfaffman

What do you see in mailgun logs and in the sent mail log?

I think the problem is from my Mail gun account. Need to be verify my phone number which I’ve done over 3 times already. But got in touch with their Customer support for further action.

To all who have contributed to making this work, I can’t thank you enough.
Stay lovely!