Discourse doesn't send activation mail to admin user


Discourse doesn’t send activation mail to the admin user, but sends the test mail whenever i run ./discourse-doctor , and also delivers mail whenever i try to signup as a normal user.

I use mail gun, and have also checked the error log using tail shared/standalone/log/rails/production.log everything seems to work fine.

i would appreciate a way out of this issue

What mail provider is that admin using?

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The admin email uses amazon SES,

Kindly note that ./discourse-doctor delivers test mail to the said email address.

Is SES on a different domain to the mailgun domain used for outbound email?

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Yes they are on different domains. Two different domains, and different servers

Have you looked at mailgun logs to check delivery to SES for the admin user? And the equivalent log at SES? Are you also hosting the SES domain on your mailgun account?


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