Mailto: in hamburger component and About us not working

We’ve got a recent Discourse site setup and just realized we are having issues with mailto: in 2 places on the site.

  1. we want to use it in the Hamburger links component–in this case, it shows where we want it in the hamburger menu but when you click on it it opens a blank tab

Here’s what we had in the Hamburger component (we have temporarily deleted it right now)
Contact Us,,f,blank

  1. on the about section in the hamburger menu. When you go to About…and go to Contact us…
    (see below) When you click on the mailto: nothing happens either.

Contact Us
In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at

I’m sure it’s something I’m totally missing. Hope someone can help. Many thanks

Visited your installation and that mailto worked for me. At least in as much that clicking it created a blank message in Apple Mail from Firefox 101.0 where I have the mailto content type configured as Apple Mail.

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