Maincategory with "Subcategory permissions cannot be less restrictive than parent's" error

Hi all,

I’ve some trouble with category settings.

Given are two categories:

Category Oberbayern:

Category Oberpfalz:

If I going to change some settings for category Oberbayern (the first one) like email or security permissions I got:
“Subcategory permissions cannot be less restrictive than parent’s.”

The same change in the other category works well.

Both categories have no subcategories, both are filled with topics, so why I can change settings in one (Oberpfalz) and not in the other (Oberbayern)?

The only way to perform changes in the category Oberbayern which returns the permission error is to add permissions for everybody with full access.


@maja do you have any ideas?

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@switch2mac, you mention neither categories have subcategories, but that’s not relevant here. Are either of these categories subcategories? Can you share a screenshot of the general tab please?

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@jomaxro both aren’t subcategories and both have no parent category.

OK, so from that screenshot both categories do have subcategories. Maja will be able to confirm, but it’s possible the security check works both ways. Can you share screenshots of the security tabs from both “Aktive Oberpfalz” and “Freising” please?

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sorry my fault, I’ve checked the wrong category …
you are right both have to sub categories.

The security settings of the sub category Freising (parent category is Oberbayern).

The security settings of the sub category Aktive Oberpfalz (parent category is Oberpfalz).

Thanks. Looking at the screenshots, I’m seeing the following issue:

The subcategory “Freising” has permissions for “OV_Freising”, but that group does not have permissions to see the parent category “Oberbayern”. You’ll need to grant the group “OV_Freising” at least view rights on the “Oberbayern” category.

You’re not having issues with the “Oberpfalz” category as all groups with access to the subcategory “Aktive Oberpfalz” have at least view permissions for the parent category “Oberpfalz”.


Thanks for your help.
Adding Freising to the parent security isn’t possible :frowning:

When does that error message appear? Is it when you try and click the :heavy_plus_sign: or when you try and hit save?

The message “Subcategory permissions cannot be less restrictive than parent’s.” appears after I hit the save.

Ok, from the screenshot above you haven’t actually added the view permission. Be sure to hit the :heavy_plus_sign: before you hit save.


OMG I’m so silly, I forgot the plus. Thank you very much.

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