Permissions for subcategories

(Thorben Egberts) #1

Hi there,

I wonder if this is a bug or feature :slight_smile:

Let’s assume I’ve got user group A and group B.

We’ve got an internal category with some subcategories. Both the category and its subcategories are only visible to group A.

Now I create a new subcategory that is visible to both A and B. Members of group B now get this errors as they navigate to this category (/c/<categoryname>/):

However, they are able to view topics in this subcategory if they navigate there directly (via link). This error occurs only in the topic list.

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Child category seems to inherit part of the permissions in the parent category
(cpradio) #2

I think you are referring to this?

(Thorben Egberts) #3

I was looking for this statement. Thank you.

(Kane York) #4

Note that only applies to the “see” permission - you can still restrict post creation in the parent.