Make a post Stick in main feed as well as its category?

Is it possible to make a post a Sticky in the main feed as well as its category?

i think you mean pinning topics (first post, can’t pin replies). go to the topic post and click/tap the admin wrench in top right corner and go to pin topic:

there will be a variety of options and settings - i would suggest trying them to get what you want. i believe you want the make banner topic (or pin globally) option:


Thanks, I did see that but the banner pin shows the entire post. Looking for a way to just make it the same format as a regular topic…just maybe highlighted and pinned at the top of all. Maybe there is a plugin. I’ll have to do more digging.

In the settings you can decide whether excerpts for pinned topics are shown and how long they are.



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Not this either. The pinned banner on all topics puts in in like an iframe and its own scroll bar at the top of all.

Oh sorry, I thought you used pin globally and not the banner option.

what exactly is it you are trying to do? based on your posts, i am unclear as to why none of those solutions work, or i am not understanding what it is you are asking for. perhaps there is a banner theme component or topic preview component that might be usable for your use case? maybe describe what it is specifically you want displayed as a global banner from the topic post? is it simply the topic title?

did you see this?

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