Make all categories show up on the homepage

I used to be able to check which category was making it to the homepage, but it seems like this is gone. There is one category i would like to move back to the home page, do you guys know how i can do this?


I am not sure I fully understand your request here, if you use the desktop category page style site setting to set Category only as your homepage, all your categories should show :thinking:

My issue is that some topics in some particular categories aren’t shown on the homepage, and I would like to change this. It used to be a setting at the category level, but i can’t find this setting any more.

In other words, i’m happy with the homepage design, the issue is which topics are being shown

Oh, I am not sure I know what this setting is, but if you can remember the name, maybe that can help. Where in the category level settings was this in?

Is it default categories muted?

It was in the category popup I think, here

Oh, you should upgrade to the latest Discourse, category settings now exist on a page and no longer a popup/modal. The change affected a few site category settings.