Make emoji suggestions appear continuously

Some messaging apps have a feature where emojis pop up continuously (based on the keystrokes) between the keyboard and the chat screen. For example, when you type the word coffee on Line, you have a small popup containing emojis with the ‘coffee’ keyword:

Similar to how on discourse emojis pop up when we start with a : colon like below

On my local, I have made it so that whenever users type a word, the emoji menu pops up as above, but without the need to start with a colon

Letting the user choose while typing might be a better method in my opinion - the user can continue writing as before or he can choose to change a word to an emoji.

If the community and devs like this feature, I can submit a PR.


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I’d prefer to keep this as it is, or a plugin at best. That has the potential to be very distracting - there are probably a dozen of the triggers which I use on a regular basis in conversation.


I like It, nice idea for plugin!


@marcospreviato thanks :slight_smile:

@davemaxwell we can have the emojis show up on the top right where it will not be as distracting, like below.

When stickers show up seamlessly without having to type a colon, I think we will have more emojis used in a post, especially if you have additional custom emojis on the forum.


@P16 you intend to create a plugin with user rankings, with level up bar and etc? like:

Depends on how much you like emojis. I think they’re fine and they have their place, but making them more prevelant can get annoying quickly. There’s a reason they’re not instantly available.


I think differently, but I respect your opinion @davemaxwell , the plugin is nice addon for community!

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@marcospreviato yep don’t worry its all coming. Just bear with me, having some technical issues that I hope to solve soon.

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Don’t worry! Thanks again for enriching our community!

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Meant to post this earlier.

If I want to see :confused:, the I’ll type : confused :. But I don’t want to see the emoji just because I type the word . And having the popup coming up continuously would get very distracting very quickly.

There are a reason there are so many autocorrect memes out there. Having something guess what I want to type usually doesn’t end well.

But some people might really like it - which is why I suggested the plugin approach instead. Have it if people WANT to use it, but don’t force people to use something.


@davemaxwell Thanks for your input :slight_smile:

I have actually started using emojis a lot more because of this feature along with many of my friends, which is why I proposed this feature. Line does this for example, and is very popular for their stickers, which you can use in this way.

I guess it has a different appeal to a younger demographic.

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yes indeed, to the public in my forum for example, and forum for the gaming community, it would be of great value

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Granted, there’s a generational thing there…

But in a professional/technical community, they wouldn’t be as widely accepted.

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I’m wondering about resource use. i.e. on-demand (a : was typed) vs. polling (a key was pressed)

There are how many emojis now, 1K+ ?

Having a composer “key” event run against all the possibilities seems like it could have a negative impact to me.

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There is a HUGE :amphora: of emojis. This would get massively distracting.


Some of the emoji have very short tokens.

a, b, m, o, v, x
ab, cd, cl, id, ng, ok, on, ox, sa, tm, tv, up, vs, wc,
cn, de, es, fr, gb, it, jp, kr, ru, us,

In particular, members will likely see a lot of :a: :ok: :on: :up: :flag_it: :flag_us:

I can’t say I’m a fan of this idea.

At least not with the full emoji set. .

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@sam @Mittineague What do you think of showing emojis once a minimum of three keys have been pressed, similar to search queries? For example, Smi… would show up the smiley emojis but just typing S… or Sm… would not.

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Every time I type sun or shop or ham or foot or time or bug I would be bugged with this popup.

The popup is very distracting and it would significantly hurt composing text.


I think as a plugin this could be OK but I can’t see us ever shipping it as a default.


yes you’re right, as a plugin would be nice, but to be a standard feature of discourse may be not cool! :grin:

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