Make pinned topic stay at top of a category?


Is there a way to make pinned topic stay at the top of a category?


This is under personal preferences under the interface tab. Scroll down and make sure the option I underlined is unchecked


Thanks for the speedy reply!

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Thanks for the suggestion but still after unchecking, my pinned topics stay remain in-between posts. Is there any other way, we can make stay Pinned Topics at the top?

I have unchecked Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom and the situation still persist.

Here is the link of my thread:

I wish it to remain at top even after watching it, kindly suggest some settings.

What you do not seem to understand here is that this is a user preference, so it is per user account.

You would need to edit your site settings to default all user accounts to the desired behavior, then un-pin and re-pin so every user account will have that topic forced back to top even if they read the topic before.