When wikis are edited, they should be bumped

I believe when wikis get a non-trivial edit (X # of characters?), they should be bumped. Otherwise, the change is not evident to other participants. If it is a working document, it keeps drifting down the list of topics.

As always, I welcome the candid feedback.

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Guessing a problem with this would be this here:


This has come up many, many times before. Best option here is to immediately close the wiki topic and delete the “closed” small post. Then the wiki will be the latest post and all edits will cause timestamp bumps.

This idea was discussed previously, but has not been implemented at this time:


This implies we build a “subscribe to this post” feature which would be a huge conceptual leap. Best thing to do is make the wiki the first post, immediately close the topic. Then all edits bump the topic as they are edits to the “last” and first post, same natural rule we have for all topics…


Also discussions on mega wikis get out-of-hand, so a simple workaround after locking the topic is to link from the top of the wiki to a “dedicated” discussion topic.


I find it can be OK if someone has the discipline to periodically delete the discussion and fold relevant edits derived from the discussion into the first post. But this would prevent bumping the topic on edit if that’s what people want.

It’s kinda tragic and frustrating if there’s an accidental or extraneous single reply on a wiki topic where deleting the reply still can’t return to the wiki item being considered the “last” post.

Shouldn’t deleted replies not count at all for bumping etc. or anything else?

Deleted posts should not count, if you are able to reproduce an issue on latest where bump is not happening cause of subsequent post deletion please report it here.

@sam besides a case on our own instance where wiki was edited and no bump happened (there had been only one reply saying “I’m making this a wiki” and that reply was deleted), the quote above from Jeff says explicitly that deleting discussion would still “prevent bumping the topic on edit”, so it sounds like he’s saying it is known to be the way we experienced (that bumping won’t work if there’s any replies, even deleted ones).

Ideally, we’d like wiki edits to bump a topic even if there are replies, but at least if the only replies were also deleted that seems a better-than-nothing workaround if that’s actually possible.


OK @neil can you add that bug to your list? Sorry about that @wolftune

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I couldn’t repro that bug. If all replies are deleted and the wiki post is edited, the topic gets bumped. There’s an edit grace period which prevents the bumping (default of 5 minutes), but any edit after that will bump the topic.

Could it be that the exact process to repro involves posting a reply before a topic is a wiki and then deleting the reply after the topic is a wiki? I’m not sure the details, but maybe some interaction around when the post becomes a wiki is relevant…

I tried it a few ways. Maybe I missed a specific order or events. If you have steps that work, please post them here.