Making a distinction between private and non-existing page message

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Currently if someone is not logged in or has no right to access a private thread, they get the message: Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.. For example:

I was wondering if there is an option to distinguish between “doesn’t exist” and “is private”. I actually would like people trying to access a private part of the forum that it is there but it’s private. The current “two in one” page gives the impression of error rather than private (maybe because it says oops, and maybe because people don’t read more then a couple of words).

Is there any way of having a different page for these two situations? (private vs non-existing)

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Enable the detailed 404 page option in your site settings.


Thanks Jeff. Where do I find that? I just browsed through the settings but there are so many I can’t find this one :frowning:

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Search detailed 404 in your site settings


Thanks, @david. After checking that option, I see no difference. I get the exact same message both for invalid and private urls. Maybe it’s a translation thing, as I am using the Spanish language?

Here is an invalid URL:

And here is a private topic:

Can you upgrade to latest to make sure the bug has not already been fixed?

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That doesn’t seem to fix it, @zogstrip :frowning: